Actionable Strategies for Profitable Growth
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Welcome to JSM Strategy Advisors

JSM Strategy Advisors is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in marketing, retail strategy and business development.

What We Do

It’s all about making a business impact that is productive, enduring, and affordable. 

We develop and implement marketing, retail, and merchandising strategies that enable organizations to successfully adapt and profitably grow in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.   Our extensive hands-on experience, passion for innovative thinking and deep appreciation for practical analysis lead to game-changing recommendations that energize organizations.

In close collaboration with our clients, we identify the capabilities and develop the programs that accelerate revenue growth, build brand equity and improve performance.  We provide:

  • Actionable Results: Client organizations are prepared to assume leadership of our recommendations with implementation plans in place to track progress and monitor results.  We take time to understand organizational culture and values, so client ownership can seamlessly transition through the life of a project.
  • Focus on Growth and Value Creation:  We always look to capitalize on the skills and resources already in place; from there we overlay programs and processes that cost effectively build market value.
  • Consumer-Centric Perspective:  Our role is to ensure that relevant consumer trends and marketplace dynamics are factored into any proposed course of action.  We look for underserved consumer needs that will lead to stronger market positioning.  
  • Unwavering Integrity and Objectivity:  Clients trust us to take seriously the responsibility to be fact-based, thoughtful, and honest and share even what may be unpopular findings.  In the end, that impeccable trust invariably uncovers the best opportunities.


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