Actionable Strategies for Profitable Growth



Our Approach

 CORE METHODOLOGY - A Process to Drive Growth and Build Market Share

Clients have come to trust us for our ability to help them define and clarify a strategic direction that energizes their organization and drives their business forward.  While each project is unique and poses its own distinct issues and opportunities, we have found that following a four step process consistently yields high-impact results.  Following these four steps, we can effectively combine objectivity, innovative thinking and expert guidance to aggregate and prioritize the highest potential growth opportunities. Importantly, this approach includes carefully balanced consideration of the institutional knowledge and capabilities within the client organization to lead to the most appropriate courses of action.  Working this way, we are able to foster a collaborative working relationship that allows us introduce innovative insights and practical solutions that can be translated into practical and actionable plans.  The CORE methodology serves as a framework to deliver lasting, profitable strategies.  And, it prepares an organization to assume ownership for their ongoing management.   

C  Consumer and Competitive Context:   A good plan for improved performance and stronger customer loyalty starts with a clear understanding of the competitive marketplace.  We clarify both what the competitive environment looks like today and where it may be evolving in the future.  While our clients often provide valuable information about their relative advantages vs.key competition, it’s our job to probe deeper and generate a new, broader perspective to generate possibilities for growth.  This assessment often leads to disruptive ideas and innovative thinking that can be developed into high potential programs.  Importantly, it establishes a framework that reflects the market and consumer trends that are necessary for making fact-based decisions about how to best focus organizational resources.

O  Organizational Skills & Capabilities:   The success of any new strategy or growth initiative, regardless of its scope and ambition, will rely on the capacity of the organization to embrace it and take ownership for its ongoing management.  We seek to help an organization better understand the depth of its competencies and guide them to apply their efforts where their skills are most productive.  We take time to consider the organizational culture, work environment and receptivity to new ideas and determine what it will take to master the processes that will sustain new growth initiatives.      As part of this phase, we assess existing competencies available to support new growth initiatives and identify where additional skills and resources are needed for successful program implementation.

R  Recommendations & Courses of Action:    Our final recommendations to management include a risk/return assessment on alternative courses of action and the likelihood they will create an enduring impact on the business.   We also identify potential roadblocks to  strategy execution and specify the required actions and contingency plans to heighten the probability of success.  Ultimately, in sharing this thinking with client management, we arrive at thoughtful decisions that lead to the best growth path for their team.

E  Execution & Monitoring of Action Plans:   Once a specific action plan has been selected by management, we work closely with the team responsible for implementation to develop detailed action plans and timetables to monitor progress.  Where needed, we will help build new processes and set up guidelines that will make it easier to track results and flag issues that can affect performance.