Actionable Strategies for Profitable Growth

New Business Development  New Business Development

The competitive landscape is constantly changing, forcing organizations to constantly reassess their positioning and seek out the best strategy that will create long term value for their business. Clients accept the need to adapt, and recognize that there are likely numerous growth paths to explore, but current work demands often make it difficult to dedicate the resources or expertise to properly target the most viable opportunities.

Growth possibilities may come from many sources – from targeting underserved customer segments, introducing new product assortments, pursuing geographic market expansion or forging innovative alliances with strategic partners. We bring the manpower and pose the questions to objectively assess the situation in the face of the evolving marketplace. In every case, our recommendations will clearly define how to leverage core skills and assets already in place so that action plans can be integrated within existing operations smoothly.

Recent assignments include:

  • Teen/College Brand Expansion

Situation:  A leader in the college guide book market wanted to leverage its appeal among young women and introduce a line of fashion accessories.
Results:  Upon completing a market opportunity assessment, we helped client identify potential product assortments and competitive positioning.  We then developed a business plan and accompanying launch strategy. Marketing activities included a new website, accompanying facebook and Twitter programs, customer videos, and selective use of direct marketing.  Launch planned for late 2014. 

  • Luxury Footwear Brand Start Up Plan

Situation:  A designer needed a business plan and “proof of concept” test to gain investor backing to launch a new line of women’s footwear.
Results:  We completed a market opportunity assessment that led to selection of initial product assortment and its brand positioning.  We then drafted the market entry strategy and business plan.  Plans included design of a new website, product videos, direct mail campaign, and co-branded store collateral. Designer is proceeding to secure funding to support a 2015 launch.

  • Furniture Manufacturer

Situation: A national marketer of children’s furniture was facing major constraints to its growth due to capacity and quality issues from its primary supplier.
Results: We worked closely with our client to identify and acquire a low-cost producer of furniture products. The acquisition was successfully completed and all quality and profit objectives associated with the acquisition were achieved.

  • Pet Supplies Manufacturer

Situation:  A $200+ Million manufacturer of pet supplies was underperforming due to pricing pressure and eroding margins.  They asked us to identify new sourcing partners as a way to transform their business and become a low-cost producer.
Results:  We introduced our client to a Hong Kong based sourcing group that provided access to lower cost factories in Asia. The client achieved a major improvement in gross margins and repositioned itself as the low-cost producer in its major product categories.

  • Women’s Sportswear Brand

Situation:  A highly successful, better-priced sportswear line wanted to introduce a new upscale brand to expand its customer base and generate incremental sales.
Results:  Upon completion of a market research study and competitive positioning assessment, we worked with product design teams to create a new line and defined its target customer and marketing strategy. Plans included visual merchandising, store signage and direct-to-consumer campaigns. New product line was launched in their own stores.