Actionable Strategies for Profitable Growth

Our Services

We work with a diverse client base, largely concentrated in the retail and consumer products industries. They come to us because they value our consumer-centered mindset and unbiased view of the marketplace. Whether they are a lean start-up or a multi-billion dollar corporation looking to accelerate growth or address a struggling business, they trust us to energize their core business and effect meaningful change that will improve their competitive position.

Oftentimes, we can identify how to repurpose and extend the positioning of an existing business to increase its market share. Or, we take a broader perspective and validate possibilities for launching new products, channels, marketing programs or service initiatives that further enhance customer satisfaction. In some cases, we also assess new ventures or strategic alliances that can further leverage the core business. And, we are always available to serve in a more broad-based advisory role to offer objective perspectives on ongoing business issues. 

66New Business Development:  Identify opportunities to enter new markets, expand product offerings or establish new strategic partnerships that will complement the core business and enhance overall performance.

shopping_cart2Brand Marketing & Merchandising:  Create strategies that generate high energy, consumer-centric programs and profitably enhance customer loyalty.

systemChannel Integration:  Develop comprehensive plans to deliver consistently engaging shopping experiences across traditional retail and direct channels as well as emerging social and digital platforms.

 17Board Advisory Services:  Serve as an accessible and objective sounding board for decision-making on an ongoing basis. Be available to offer insights on whatever issues arise as business evolves.